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Self Hypnosis and The Secret of the Creative Consciousness

Understanding the power of the mind and learn the life-long tool of Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is the key to the door of the unconscious mind.  Enter through the door and connect with the power.


Learn the language of the creative consciousness.  Find a new self-awareness.  Recognise why we re-act as we do.  Awake to new possibilities to be what you want to be.  Let the wisdom of your subconscious mind work for you.  Take control of your life with the power of the creative consciousness.  Change negative patterns.  Use the life-long tool of Self-hypnosis.  When you communicate effectively, especially with yourself, you cannot fail to change!!!  In our daily lives most people use about 10% of their conscious minds, while leaving the other 90% to the unconscious. Hypnosis is the tool, a bridge to the subconscious mind where enormous information-processing capabilities are stored. The subconscious doesn’t recognise the difference between reality and what is imagined. The imagination is much more powerful than will power and through hypnosis we offer the opportunity to release negative patterns and, reprogramme the unconscious to reach our true potential.


To be a truly good therapist one needs to have insights into others. Nothing provides this more than one’s own varied life experiences. Nicola’s life path led her to Bavaria where she lived for 14 years, during which time she was presented with many challenges. Throughout this isolating period Nicola began to explore spiritual knowledge which eventually led her to studying and practicing hypnotherapy in both Munich and her ‘adopted’ home town in the Bavarian Alps. She was fortunate to be personally guided by a wonderful Austrian hypnotherapist who passed over a lifetime of knowledge to Nicola before his ‘official’ retirement.


Nicola is currently working with Self-Hypnosis concepts bringing awareness and true understanding of both the philosophy and practice of self-hypnosis allowing the use of it to be integrated into daily life, for general well being and for people from all backgrounds. Through hypnosis the power of the subconscious mind can be accessed and start working for you to create the reality of your aims.


Nicola also studied and practiced self realization meditation, transcendental meditation and other fields such as hand reflexology, Tao Ki Reiki and specialist visualisation techniques.

Hypnosis should only be listened to when you can safely relax NOT whilst driving or doing anything that requires attention.
Hypnosis should not be used by anyone who has suffered from psychosis.
If on medication or in any doubt please consult with your doctor

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